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Companies willing to invest in sales training are 57% more effective than rival companies that make no such investments.
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    Online self-education in 15 min a day
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    Written by a
    world-wide expert
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    Practical assignments to develop skills
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    Certificate of completion
While sales professionals may possess impressive product knowledge and technical expertise, these hard skills are insufficient to close deals and build lasting relationships.

That’s where soft skills come in.
Welcome to this online course
dedicated to sales enforcement!

Employees will acquire and practice essential soft skills, crucial for effective sales, including persuasion, presentation, emotional intelligence and negotiation techniques

  • 1
    Communication skills

    Negotiations can be unpredictable, therefore you need to be able to interact with different people and know how to stand out from the competition.

  • 2
    Emotional intelligence

    The ability to understand emotions of others, when to push and when to ease the pressure turns an average sales manager into a professional.

  • 3
    Negotiation skills
    Your skill to establish contact, understand client’s needs, offer suitable options and clearly express your thoughts close deals and brings contracts.
  • 4
    Each prospect has objections. The percentage of deals closed, as well as further cooperation, depends on whether you know how to work with them.
  • 5
    Discipline and leadership
    Your ability to prepare for meetings, respond to clients in a timely manner and turn agreements into actions allows to achieve results.
  • 6
    All potential clients, as well as cooperation them, are unique. Your knowledge how to quickly adapt and perform a non-trivial solution helps.
How the course goes
We know the effort it takes to get employees trained.
That is why we designed Evolve app with game mechanics. Like a TikTok with educational content.
Lessons are packed in short videos, while tasks are peppered with entertaining twist.
The course is divided into small bits with daily tasks, taking a few minutes to keep employees engaged
Social interaction
Employees communicate, collaborate and progress together, even sharing their answers with other co-workers
Employees sign up
To your company branded course
Learn the topic
Through interactive daily micro-activities
Complete assignments
And develop new skills through smart gamification
Take surveys
Collect data on employee feedback
Social intranet
Builds trust and creates stronger teams
Final results
Course summary and employee leaderboard
Get certificates
Issued after the whole course is completed
Deep data analytics
HR report with teams analytics and recommendations
The course program consists of 6 modules,
each with practical assignments
In every module participants learn useful theory via daily video lessons, as well as complete tasks and exercises to develop new soft skills. Obligatory tasks must be completed before moving on to the next module. This high-stakes format ensures your full commitment and dedication, pushing you to make the most of every opportunity for growth.
14 days
Flexible schedule
Take at your own pace
22 lessons
Daily short video lessons
make it easy to learn new
10 tasks
Develop new skills and
implement them right away
Inspire your sales force to acquire and practice the necessary skills critical to effective sales, including negotiation and persuasion, presentation and building trust.
Empower your teams
Who is this course for?
  • Juniors

    Who are looking to improve sales skills,

    learn to negotiate and communicate

  • Consultants

    Who rely on their sales skills to secure deals, negotiate contracts and build partnerships

  • Professionals

    Responsible for managing client relationships and driving sales within existing accounts

Meet the course authors

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and take

your sales career to unprecedented heights.

  • Moty Cristal
    Professional negotiator, provides his services in negotiations to biggest companies world-wide, consulting sales people, entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior government officials. Has extensive operational experience varying from deal-making negotiations, including start-ups investment and marketing processes, cross-cultural business disputes to business and national crisis management. Lectures worldwide.
  • Simon Horton

    World-leading expert in the field of negotiation and influence. He has spent 20 years working in the field, across more than 25 countries. Simon has taught managers and senior executives of the most successful companies in the world. Works with biggest leading universities, including the Said Business School, Oxford University, Imperial College and the Royal College of Art.

Certificate of completion
Certificates are issued to all participants, that have completed the course, acknowledging the development of the subject skills
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What our customers say
We've asked our corporate clients to share their feedback
Mara D.
Sales Manager
This short course by Evolve is packed with gems for people who are keen to learn more about selling, it has practical tips on listening, asking the right questions and closing. It even includes tip on marketing! This is one of my favourite courses on selling now and I got good feedback from the team, so may assure it was engaging and useful.
Fangya Moras
Development Manager
Our intention was to learn more about sales and persuasion techniques in order to enforce our sale performance, as we felt it was lacking in this area. I am happy that our team took this course, as it has really helped to fill in a lot of gaps. More than that we enjoyed the format, so it was not a boring training.
Sofa Yakub
Sales Director

The course provided a great deal of enjoyment and was highly informative. It was assigned to the whole sales team, including both junior and senior members, and it proved to be an excellent decision. After this course we continued the sales track and proceed with Negotiations and Persuasion course. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this valuable learning experience.

Kawthar Georg
HR Executive
First of all I enjoyed the admin panel - for me (HR) it was crucial to see the dynamics and get insights, which was great with the tools provided by Evolve. Next, no need to push the team - we announced the course and used the templates provided with the course to get the team engaged; all reminders were sent automatically. I guess this was the first time our team completed a training not in a last day.
Imram Anneliese
HR Business partner
We had an enjoyable experience with both the conflict management and sales soft skills courses. The courses were easy to learn, engaging, and provided many practical tools that we could put into practice immediately. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource, and I would highly recommend these courses to others.
Compliment the course
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